Rip off

The tourist was allegedly told she was purchasing 17th-century Japanese figurines worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.
This Redditor got a bill for over $500 (as you can see below) because "they didn't send someone to read the meters in my building." In the end, she had it adjusted to $73.
The company has responded to the Footlong outrage by contradicting their own advertising campaign, and essentially shooting themselves in the foot in front of Subway aficionados all over the world.
Below, we picked out our five favorite moments from the NY Post's front-page expose on Subway and their not-exactly foot-long Footlong subs.
How closely do you pay attention to the bill at the end of a meal? The NY Post thinks you probably haven't been.
Urban Outfitters swears it didn't know anything about this Four Loko/Black Flag T-shirt rip-off, and instead pointed the finger at one of its vendors.
Urban Outfitters has been accused of ripping of jewelry designers in the past, but now, a reader is alleging that the company ripped off his Black Flag-inspired Four Loko t-shirt.
The owner of Milk Burger, the new Harlem burger joint with a menu suspiciously similar to Shake Shack's, is shocked by accusations that he ripped off Danny Meyer's chain.
MilkBurger, a new fast-food joint in Spanish Harlem, has a menu strikingly similar to Shake Shack's, and a ganked picture of a Shackburger on their own website, to boot.
A sneaky cabbie cheated nearly $40,000 out of passengers in a
Here's some more bad news about the city's embattled carriage horse
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