Officials say Ralph Joseph Celetano III of Broad Channel pushed an officer off a ledge with a "football-type tackle" during the riots in Washington, D.C.
First Amendment and defense attorneys warned the provisions could prove "coercive."
"All of a sudden they came out of that exit door and rushed her to the ground."
NJ state troopers donned riot gear as they were being struck by bottles from the crowd; they also used pepper spray, the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), and tear gas.
Four Rikers Island correction officers and an inmate were injured yesterday in a riot at the prison's George R. Vierno Center.
Angry Queens residents ended up in a tense stand-off with police at the 113th Precinct after they claim cops beat two suspects earlier Friday evening.
The police are looking for these males and females seen in the video.
It seems that a vigil to remember the teen turned unruly.
There's a riotous cyclist on the loose, and the NYPD wants your help bringing him in.
Food is the only way to thank firefighters who use a water cannon on rioting teens who are beating up cops.
Because the FDNY was closer to the scene than the police, they responded first to diffuse the situation.
Things got down right ugly last night after the Penn State Board of Trustees announced its decision to fire coach Joe Paterno and University president Graham Spanier, effective immediately.
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