Ringling brothers

Having done everything it could to successfully ban carriage horses (except actually ban carriage horses) animal advocacy group NYCLASS has refocused its efforts on another animal rights atrocity: The circus.
PETA protested as the Ringling Bros. elephants were forced to listen to "Gangnam Style" in Brooklyn this morning (which was probably the least cruel thing they've had to suffer through).
Alec Baldwin speaks out against Ringling Bros. and their treatment of elephants.
The Ringling Brothers Circus is considering pitching a tent at Coney
Time Out NY has a list of PETA's most wanted in the
Last night the Ringling Brothers circus arrived in Manhattan. As usual,
Last night, Ringling Brothers Circus arrived in Manhattan by way of
Gothamist was there when the elephants from Ringling Brothers and Barnum
This is excellent: Mayor Bloomberg could be a circus ringmaster if things
"In the end, we did what we were supposed to do,"
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