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The film explores the persistent emotional toll of family separation due to incarceration.

People were held more for than a day after their loved ones posted bail for their release.

“I wore gym tights and put the package in my groin area and wore my work uniform over it.”

A federal judge will not hear arguments from attorneys representing detainees living in deadly conditions at Rikers Island that a federal receiver should be appointed to wrest control of the jails away from the city.

The rate of stabbings has gone up sevenfold in the last four years.

Almost three years to day after he entered Rikers Island to await his court date on a robbery charge, Gilberto Garcia died Monday, the city Department of Correction says.

Use of force, deaths, slashings are all at historic highs at the sprawling facility.

Officials said people are being kept from accessing recreational activities and medical services and are even being denied meals.

Erick Tavira was pronounced dead shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths in custody or shortly after release this year to a number higher than last year's historic figure of 16.

It was the second month in a row Louis Molina snubbed the jails’ oversight board.