Rikers island

Mary Yehudah, 31, reportedly died following a drug overdose.
A robust action plan was filed with a federal judge on Tuesday.
The tragedy comes weeks after the U.S. attorney’s office raised the prospect of a federal takeover of the notorious jail complex, which has fallen into a state of crisis in the last 18 months.
The U.S. attorney is questioning whether the city has the "ability, expertise, and will" to fix Rikers.
The program teaches people incarcerated on Rikers Island and in other NYC jails how to write and produce hip-hop.
Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina is calling for more staff by this summer to help the city meet its goal of limiting solitary confinement. But some lawmakers argue the department actually needs better management and accountability.
Herman Diaz died while jailed at the Eric M. Taylor Center.
On Monday, the Public Design Commission unanimously approved the move of civil rights political artist Faith Ringgold's "For The Women's House" painting from Rikers Island to the Brooklyn Museum.
The artist, Faith Ringgold, supports the move. Some public art activists say it should remain with those it was meant to inspire.
William Brown, 55, was less than a week away from a court date.
Malcolm Boatwright, 28, died this morning after being transported to Bellevue Hospital, according to corrections authorities.
Detainees held in the city’s troubled jail system have continued to miss medical appointments as hundreds of jail guards call out sick or miss work.
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