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At least five are listed as apparent suicides and four are suspected drug overdoses.

Kevin Bryan was held on $5,003 bail, and reportedly died by suicide.

Michael Nieves is the 13th person to die in city custody, or shortly after being released, this year.

Ricardo Cruciani’s lawyer said he should have been in protective custody and on suicide watch, but it was not clear whether that had taken place.

He had been held in a caged shower cell for days, in violation of city rules, the suit says.

The death rate at Rikers is keeping pace with last year as overdoses and missed medical appointments continue to plague the jails.

City data shows the problem of missed medical appointments is only getting worse.

The death of 20-year-old Emanuel Sullivan was the sixth at the troubled jail complex this year.

Mary Yehudah, 31, reportedly died following a drug overdose.

The tragedy comes weeks after the U.S. attorney’s office raised the prospect of a federal takeover of the notorious jail complex, which has fallen into a state of crisis in the last 18 months.