Rikers death

William Brown, 55, was less than a week away from a court date.
Malcolm Boatwright, 28, died this morning after being transported to Bellevue Hospital, according to corrections authorities.
Detainees held in the city’s troubled jail system have continued to miss medical appointments as hundreds of jail guards call out sick or miss work.
Twelve people have died in city jails so far this year. Data shows judges have contributed to the swelling detainee population. An analysis by Gothamist/WNYC and New York Focus shows who the top judges are.
State lawmakers visited Rikers Island on Monday, calling on Mayor de Blasio and Governor Hochul to enact reforms.
This is the ninth death in New York City jails this year.
The family of a teenager who died during a stint in solitary on Rikers Island is suing the company responsible for supplying medical care to inmates.
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