Three years after the death of Layleen Polanco in solitary confinement, a new report documents systemic failures that have left most people misclassified, starting with the cops and courts.
Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs is the first formerly incarcerated state legislator.
An alternative site in Harlem would be less restrictive and closer to many incarcerated people’s families, supporters say.
Prosecutors say it took them nearly eight minutes to intervene when an 18-year-old attempted to hang himself.
Molina and city officials are trying to avoid a federal takeover of Rikers.
Two inmates died on consecutive days this week, bringing the total to eight detainee deaths so far this year.
Details of the deceased inmate have not been disclosed.
The city has until November, at least, to fix deplorable conditions at the jails.
One board member who is supposed to be overseeing the facility defended the preventable deaths as "natural."
Prosecutors say they smuggled drugs and cell phones to gang members.
The program teaches people incarcerated on Rikers Island and in other NYC jails how to write and produce hip-hop.
One concern is a lack of correction officers to take detainees to their appointments, given that the staff absence rate is 30%.
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