Right to die

The lawyer for Grace Lee says his client will soon be moved to hospice care, and her family has withdrawn a previous petition to act as her health care proxy
"I asked her, 'Are you doing this to make peace with your parents?' and her clear-as-a-bell answer was: 'I am doing this to make peace with God,'" her attorney said.
Lee, 28, who is hooked up to a breathing machine to stay alive, has been asking doctors at North Shore University Hospital on Long Island to let her die.
The doctors for a terminally-ill woman say she wants them to remove her breathing tube and let her die, but her religious family has released a video that suggests otherwise.
A terminally-ill woman with brain cancer who's also paralyzed from the neck down is begging doctors to remove her breathing tube so she can die. Only her parents stand in her way.
We were encouraged to hear a statue would be unveiled in Central
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