Right of way law

A state appeals court has ruled that a critical portion of the Right of Way Law, which made failure to yield to pedestrians or cyclists a misdemeanor offense, is constitutional.
The Right of Way law was passed in 2014 as part of de Blasio's Vision Zero plan.
Dave Lewis, 52, of Poughkeepsie, was arrested in Chelsea on September 5th.
The judge reportedly relied on an inaccurate police report for a hearing on the driver's dangerousness.
The victim was an 81-year-old woman.
He faces as many as seven years in prison.
Right-of-way through the duration of the flashing red hand.
The police didn't receive word of the collision's fatal outcome until recently, which is why it wasn't noted in initial reports.
On Monday, a 3-year-old girl was struck and killed by a car. Two days later, the driver has not been ticketed or charged with a crime.
"In essence, the DA concluded that it is less blameworthy to kill short people than tall people."
At least seven MTA bus drivers have been arrested under the Right of Way Law since it was signed last summer.
Or when the red hand is flashing.
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