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Police removed numerous weapons from the four-year-old's home.

80 revolvers; 31 semi-automatic pistols; 4 rifles; 3 shotguns; 1 sawed-off shotgun; and 15 others (BBs, zips, starter pistols) were turned in.

Cops recovered two handguns, 26 magazines, 10,537 rounds of ammunition, 32 machetes, 60 knives, 16 air pistols, an air rifle, seven tasers, eight brass knuckles, nine batons and 10 handcuffs at his place.

A Marine Park man who got in an altercation with a pack of rowdy teens Saturday night opened fire on the kids with a semi-automatic hunting rifle, according to police.

A Long Island man was arrested yesterday after firing an AK-47-style

Teenager Shytik Bowman was charged with third-degree possession of a weapon

A Bronx school teacher was busted at West 110th Street and

NYPD image According to a tenant arrested alongside a gun-hoarding Brooklyn