As city employees return to offices and students to public schools, subways, buses and commuter rails are getting more crowded.
But usage on the Second Avenue Subway is still below the 200,000 daily riders MTA officials predicted.
The MTA released their 2012 ridership numbers today, and business is booming for the Transit Authority: 1.6 billion straphangers rode the rails last year, an increase of about 1% from 2011.
Besides telling us that there were 1.6 billion subway rides in 2011, the latest data dump from the MTA has a lot more information on how New Yorkers ride the subway. Let's dive in!
The MTA has dropped a bucket of ridership data on us this morning and its a statistician's wet dream.
Ever since the new East River Ferry started charging its passengers, no one wants to ride it anymore.
Flickr user bitchcakesny Though hearings and votes are still scheduled, it's
It may not be easy on the eyes, or even phallic,
Days after announcing that subway ridership was at its highest levels
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