Ride hail

The TLC has scheduled a hearing for primary day on plans to close a loophole that would have allowed the Revel Tesla Taxis.
The upcoming New York City rule would have restricted the amount of time app-based drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft can spend cruising without passengers below 96th Street in Manhattan.
“They are both emotionally traumatized and they’re getting therapy."
The woman has now filed a lawsuit against Lyft in an attempt to force the company to change its safety policies.
Lyft declined to comment on whether or not they'd appeal the ruling.
The ride hailing companies Juno and Lyft are suing New York City to block a new minimum wage law for app-based drivers that was set to go into effect on Friday.
'This is not the time in our opinion to be changing available transportation modes,' said the former owner of Teddy's.
The last time they tried this was in 2015.
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