Richmond hill

Vernon Douglas, 19, and Hezekiah Coleman, 20, face multiple charges in connection with two attacks on three Sikh men in Queens during recent weeks.
Home to faith centers for Muslim, Sikh, and Catholic worshippers, a Diwali festival, and gatherings of the city’s Guyanese community, this corner of Queens is a legitimately unique place—the New York that New Yorkers love to brag about.
The suspect was carrying a fake gun, according to police.
Police say this happened early Friday morning.
This happened on April 6.
Authorities want to question her stepmother regarding the circumstances of her death.
Last stop: the Rockaways.
The Queens DA feels the mother followed the spirit of the Safe Haven law.
Police say the attack sent him stumbling into the street.
No arrests have been made.
Rashida Chowdhury, 21, has been charged with second-degree murder and intentional murder of a victim less than 11-years-old.
The baby may have been thrown out a window.
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