Richmond county

"Facial recognition technology, especially Clearview AI, poses a direct threat to New Yorkers’ basic privacy and civil rights,” public defender Diane Akerman said.
The trove of documents contains hundreds of letters, previously sent to defense attorneys, outlining misconduct findings and allegations made against police witnesses going back decades.
For police officers, the consequences of being on one of these “Do Not Call” lists are far more severe than in one of the broader databases that DAs across NYC.
Officers chased Edwin Rios, 48, William Banks, 43, down and found the men had snagged 35 cases of Poland Spring water.
Brooklyn is all "Fuhgeddaboutit," but Staten Island can be "Hey, what about
Staten Island's World Trade Center Memorial, Postcards, was defaced yesterday. The memorial
The season series between the Mets and Yankees may be over,
One can hear plenty of trees falling in the forest in Staten
April showers lasted one day into May with an entertaining thunder
That City Councilman Peter Vallone! Back in 2003, he proposd a bill
The route for the Olympic torch relay in New York City has
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