Richard carranza

Carranza had clashed with Mayor de Blasio over plans to desegregate the city’s school system.
"What we're now building is a framework for starting to do things in September that we've never done before."
In an interview with Gothamist/WNYC Carranza, the former social studies teacher who describes himself as a proponent of early voting, said schools should be off limits this election because of COVID-19.
Members instead heard from doctors, students, and school labor union leaders.
"The point that we keep making, whatever the school needs, it will get," the mayor said.
“It is the worst possible thing to try and teach music on Zoom. Yet, I am here.”
At a virtual town hall for parents on Tuesday, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said the financial situation was dire.
Critics of the chancellor questioned his response to assaults and bullying at a Queens middle school.
'There’s a lack of appropriate training for individuals who are called to respond to sexual violence.'
Here are a few of the bigger changes we’re tracking during the 2019-2020 school year.
1,858, classrooms were found to have lead paint hazards after additional inspections were conducted in rooms serving first graders and students with special needs. The City says they are remediating them.
Effectively, the group recommends eliminating lower school admissions based on grades, test scores, attendance, and auditions.
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