Richard brown

The new Queens DA, Melinda Katz, insists that the prosecutors' errors were "inadvertent."
DAs use these lists to alert their prosecutors to potential problems with police witnesses. A civil liberties attorney calls them a 'public scandal.'
Remarkably, Queens will witness the first competitive Democratic primary for district attorney in more than a half century, if not longer.
Lancman says that Queens DA Richard Brown 'just keeps stubbornly clinging to an outdated model of criminal justice.'
"Whatever happened to the First Amendment?" Chung's lawyer asks.
"What if the location of a live kidnap victim is in the phone? Are we going to say that's not important?"
"Not a single one of the DAs offices is really doing its job when it comes to holding dangerous and reckless drivers accountable."
This isn't the only drunk driver to benefit from a lenient Queens DA's office.
via NYTimes The NYTimes reports today that there are more than
The Queens DA's Office announced that Larry Greene, 20, was charged
38 people—including an NYC firefighter, a sanitation worker, and a highway
MySpace photo of Brigitte Harris The woman who killed her abusive
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