Rich people problems

The sound is like 'you're having a terrible migraine headache with pounding. There has to be some way that this could have been modified.'
Interest in the tax, which has been floated by City Council members over the years, surged almost immediately following a hedge fund tycoon's record-breaking purchase at the exclusive luxury building at 220 Central Park South.
"You can't even order an Uber and expect to be downstairs in five minutes," one resident complained of the kids' elevator monopoly. "It's added 10 minutes to my morning commute."
A rich developer's soon-to-be ex-wife is suing him for allegedly shrinking her apartment in the building he developed.
One rich man says he can no longer bang pieces of ambulatory plastic, and has instead settled for a woman who is "merely beautiful."
Canadian fashion magnate Peter Nygard is locked in mortal combat with hedge fund tycoon Louis Bacon in a rivalry turned smear campaign turned $100 million defamation lawsuit.
To the 43 residents of Rose Hill Road, the sign is an uncomfortable reminder of an unsavory event, a thrashing gnat in the otherwise perfect gin fizz of life.
Rich people apparently have a hard time keeping track of all their stuff.
In lieu of the $415K, Upper East Side mom Michelle Marie Heinemann says she would accept a sincere apology from the well as the firings of at least two staff members.
This lawsuit very well may be the epitome of rich people problems.
The suit is directed at the board of the Duane Reade's building as well as at the store itself, and they're also suing to prevent the A/C unit from being constructed in the first place.
A rich real estate heiress who was previously sued for allegedly roughing up her addiction coach has been sued by a different life coach for roughing him up.
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