Rich people

88 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights.
The invite shows that tickets are priced at $100,000 for a photo opportunity and lunch, and $250,000 for the package that includes a private roundtable discussion with the president.
To be fair, you also get a bottle of rosé.
We're talking a Louis Vuitton bag with $30,000 cufflinks inside.
They're promising "more opulence and decadence than the lobby in Trump Tower."
A soft super luxury market means that an LLC trying to flip a condo at one of New York's most-hated buildings will do so at a loss. We'll take it.
At least one person will probably have to sell their yacht.
Do not contact Times editors with your apartment hunt fairy tales.
That will house 5 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 5,000 square foot sports and fitness center, a courtyard, a dog room (!), a prep kitchen AND a catering kitchen, a wine closet, two bars...
Midtown will soon look like a pincushion, and each new tower will be just one among a series of spikes, instead of its own monolith to oil baron wealth.
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