"Requests for the Re-naming of a Facility will only be accepted from Sponsors with a unique or iconic geographic, historic or other connection to such Facility."
In a sweep of 1,700 stores, the city found 42 percent were selling some sort of untaxed smokes.
Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his State of the State today, vowing to make 2012 the year "we must transform our government to once again become the progressive capital of our nation."
States can now, potentially, offer Internet poker and online betting.
If Mayor Bloomberg is paying higher taxes, then you should be paying higher taxes too.
What say ye New York City: are you ready for a roundhouse kick to the face (metaphorically)?
Via If boxing already means men get repeatedly punched in the
Geoff Ross's Flickr The state legislature's attempt to bail out the
Talk of selling wine in grocery stores has been going on for
Ryan Muir's Flickr With the rest of the budget looking bleak,
Perhaps nostalgic for the license plates of yore as well as
Starting this coming Saturday, bottled water drinks will be subject to
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