Rev al sharpton

Well, according to sources.
Sharpton pointed out, 'If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d been candidate for a chokehold.'
Garner's wife broke down, 'He was supposed to be my rock.'
Sharpton's alleged informing helped the FBI get bugs planted at notorious mobsters's hangouts.
Democratic Comptroller candidates are there too.
Sharpton said, "The only purpose of assault weapons is for war."
"The last time I checked, Al Sharpton was a paid member of the media," said an annoyed Democratic. But Sharpton says, "What bars a TV host from working to a unify his or her party?"
"They were asked to leave," a source told the paper, referring to Brown's entourage," but Brown "left with the other people."
"As far as I'm concerned, a criminal is a criminal…I don't care if you wear a uniform or baggy pants, a hoodie, you are wrong."
As Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandal grows, two opinionated people weigh in: Andrea Peyser and Al Sharpton.
Sharpton said, "Whatever the results of that investigation, there's no doubt you must stop shooting."
"What has disturbed me about this case is the number of bullets and the mystery gun," Sharpton said.
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