"There was destiny in us coming together, there was destiny in the touring, and there was destiny in the people we inspired,” Ms. Lauryn Hill told the crowd at Pier 17 on Wednesday night.
We were hoping for an ABC Family Holiday Special, but this'll do.
Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel were all back together again on Kimmel last night.
The long-awaited "Seinfeld" reunion finally emerged tonight—and it turned out it WAS an ad for his web series, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," and it DID premiere during the Super Bowl.
Jason Alexander threw a bit of cold water on all the excitement: "not sure if when all is said and done, you will all think of it as a "reunion" but we hope you enjoy. I'm sure you'll let us know. :)"
So fresh and so clean and hopefully not so muddy.
Is Hole reuniting, like, for real?
Jesse and the Rippers will be in New York this Friday, appearing on Fallon.
"What a beautiful dream."
This is really happening. Do you think Sir Paul will sing "Rape Me"?
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