The chief judge, appointed by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2016, was appointed in 2016.
In an exit interview with Gothamist/WNYC, Diaz Jr. reflected on his successes, the limits of the borough president's office, and whether he'll return to public life.
For almost 50 years, Caroll Spinney has been the man inside the Big Bird costume (he's also played Oscar the Grouch, since he's no slouch).
"There is more to do to make Broken Windows a better strategy, but it is still the right approach," de Blasio said as Commissioner Bratton steps down this weekend.
We'll always have shoe marriage.
It's hard to know what exactly is so unsettling about this grey cloud that's settled atop Letterman's chin, but the evil is there.
Let the succession speculation begin!
NY Yankees longtime shortstop and captain Derek Jeter announced today that the 2014 season would be his last as a professional baseball player.
Metallica donned their finest pinstripes and took the stage in Yankee Stadium this afternoon to perform "Enter Sandman" in honor of baseball's greatest closer, Mariano Rivera.
After 18 years pitching in the MLB, the 41-year-old starter announced this season will be his last.
In case you were wondering why those low-flying NYPD helicopters were buzzing by the Brooklyn Bridge in formation today, they were sent up in honor of Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, who retired today.
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