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Beverage chains like Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks grew, while clothing and shoe retailers took a hit.

A political battle is brewing over a City Council plan to remedy New York City's empty storefront crisis by capping commercial rents.

The unexpected closure of longstanding chains, once maligned for their overbearing presence, can now trigger feelings of inconvenience, concern, and in some cases, nostalgia.

The sale of Barneys, the luxury department store that most people could never afford, was finalized in U.S. bankruptcy court on Friday.

Confoundingly, the store, on the corner of Prince and Broadway, has hung on through the summer despite a startling lack of inventory.

For many of the city's impassioned small business advocates, commercial rent control has long been seen as the 'holy grail.'

Three of the bills passed by the City Council on Tuesday require annual reporting on storefront vacancies, the business environment, and specific tracking of mom-and-pop shops.