“Almost every day I’m getting emails from my vendors saying, ‘Hey so you know we’re having some supply chain issues.’”
The brand new Lego store also features the first-ever personalization studio where people can create custom minifigures.
The discount department store has 13 stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.
Traffic at brick-and-mortar clothing stores nationwide has plummeted 99% compared to last year, analysts say.
Some say "the stores are sending the message that they expect chaos and rampaging in the future. It's incredibly depressing and disheartening to see."
The $16 billion deal was said to be the largest in the luxury sector.
The retailer is hoping to squeeze all it can from its real estate.
An email recently received by a Fairway shopper using its cashierless mobile app recently went into unexpected and disturbing depth as to why New Yorkers can’t be trusted to adhere to an honor policy.
While no specific proposals are on the table, residents anticipate that a rezoning would allow more large stores and remove protections for working artists.
The Manhattan Planning Studio will feature a more pared down IKEA experience.
'I think there are people who have made the argument that by osmosis, somehow, Amazon is going to come here and see the light of operating in New York City.'
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