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'Bro, I'm so impressed with what they've done,' remarked Long Island commuter Mark Dudenhoffer.

The word "sublime" gets tossed around a lot these days...

It seems Starbucks acted quick to end the "Starbucks Pee Panic of 2011:" "Within days...higher-ups from Starbucks management visited at least two offending shops and ordered them to liberate their restrooms."

While Starbucks denies that there will be any policy shifts, Starbucks gossipers are whispering about two potential changes/upgrades for stores in the future: bathroom attendants, and/or receipt-only restrooms.

Whose toilet reigns supreme? According to an online poll in New York those would be the johns at Habana Outpost and Ninja.

In an effort to make the campus a friendly place for

The city's subway bathrooms may be "overflowing with filth," but is

Will unisex bathrooms on planes soon vanish into thin air? CNN

Grand Central Terminal's Metro-North waiting area now feature restrooms for women only.

Tourist and locals alike may be interested in this tiny map: