All the food news you need — plus, how closed are the beaches, really?
The menu features things like Black Lime Babka, Strawberry Sumac Linzers, and Za'atar Labneh Morning Buns
Skewers and salatim are the stars at Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook's Philadelphia import.
One patron said it is “one of the last places in the city where I could reliably take an out-of-town friend and con them into thinking I had the keys to a secret more fabulous New York.” A rent-hike may force a cluster of bars and restaurants out of the neighborhood.
For some restaurant owners, the prospect of no longer having to check vaccination cards is bringing mixed feelings.
Putting COVID tests on the menu is one of the latest ways bars and restaurants are trying woo customers back.
The governor said making to-go cocktails legal would help boost the fortunes of struggling bars and restaurants.
"Most restaurants want and need to stay open, especially during the holiday season, but unfortunately COVID-19 is again disrupting some of their plans."
"To have the hospitality industry be the enforcement agency without compensation is ridiculous. Why should I be the bully kicking children out of my restaurant? It's absolutely insane."
There will be five presentations on outdoor dining designs, guidelines, process and goals at Borough Boards and two virtual roundtable discussions, and all will be open to the public.
This week, the City Planning Commission voted unanimously for a zoning text amendment which will create a clean slate for the city to develop and regulate a permanent outdoor dining program.
The six bills could improve some of the harsh conditions faced by the city's 65,000+ food delivery workers.
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