Restaurant inspections

City restaurants can't stop, won't stop getting A grades.
The letter grade program celebrates five years this month.
In addition to a nearly 25% fine reduction, restaurants can also request an ungraded, penalty-free inspection to help keep violations down.
We're never far from our energetic rodent populations—even when we're eating.
Additionally, fewer restaurants are being shuttered by the Department of Health.
Don't worry Lady Gaga's family, the City Council feels your restaurant's pain.
Many restaurant and bar owners say the Health Department is squeezing them to make money for the city. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is reportedly working on a proposal to change that.
The owner of the high-end Sushi Yasuda blasted the Health Department yesterday for overzealous and unreasonable inspections—he says one inspector threw out $10,000 worth of sushi because chefs were using their hands.
The DUMBO gastropub reBar, which boasts an extensive craft beer menu and a great independent movie theater, was shut down by the Health Department yesterday. The owner tells us its the economy and his landlord.
Zak Pelaccio and Executive Chef Andrew Pressler (Katie Sokoler/Gothamist) [UPDATE BELOW]
Even before the new restaurant grade rules were put into effect,
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