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Restaurants and bars face myriad challenges as they try to staff back up amid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

After suffering staggering losses during the pandemic, some restaurant and bar owners say they see a road to recovery.

"I knew in my heart something was off. I just didn’t have the words for it."

"New York will not be New York if we do not have restaurants and bars and an enlivened streetscape," speaker Corey Johnson said.

A group of workers' and women's rights organizations are demanding the Cuomo administration get rid of the subminimum wage for restaurant workers.

The face of the famous Four Seasons restaurant has been forced to resign following unspecified allegations of misconduct.

Many restaurant owners have moved to end the age-old tradition of the shift drink.

There's been a 27% increase in the amount of bars, restaurants and fast casual spots in the last decade.

No question, being a waiter is hard—especially on Valentine's Day! But you know what is even harder? Being a waiter with two x chromosomes.