Restaurant closing

The future of one of the best Irish bars in NYC is uncertain.
Six months after legendary owner Elaine Kaufman died her eponymous Upper East Side restaurant is closing.
Flickr user czwampi Today, the Village Voice's Robert Sietsema revisited Astoria's
Vince & Eddies (via Google Maps) Has Lady Gaga made her
Convivio Chris Cannon, who kept restaurants Alto and Convivio after splitting
Flickr user Caryn Rose It's not a good day for the
Flickr user Nabok After being open since 1893 and helping to
Chanterelle, the 30-year-old restaurant in TriBeCa that changed the way NYC
Cafe des Artistes, the beloved romantic West 67th Street restaurant near
Photograph of the Cheyenne's exterior at night by Goggla on Flickr
Photo by Youngna Park It's a dark day for South Billyburg
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