A community board in Queens will emphasize “respect” for women and the environment with a new program using discretionary funds from the City Council.
'We wanted to memorialize the outpouring of love from the community for Aretha Franklin and in consultation with local leaders we agreed that 'respect' was a beautiful tribute and worthy message.'
The lawsuit would argue that the legislation is violating the First Amendment.
The teacher's union told public school teachers not to wear the pro-NYPD shirts while on the job.
"I don’t see it as a political message," said one teacher. "I just see it as we want our children to respect policemen, to respect firemen, to respect teachers, to respect everybody."
Trump has adamantly denied that his children staged an idiocy intervention with him over his Obama tirades. After all, "it's not in their nature" to stand up to him.
According to a report in the Daily News, Trump's children Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka staged an intervention with him recently over his increasingly unhinged rants about Obama.
Check out the actual tweet below, lest it turns out Trump was drunk when he wrote it and he decides to delete it.
A senseless tragedy unfolded after two girls were fighting over whether one disrespected the other.
“From a competitor standpoint, he’s great. He’s what you want in an offseason program—working hard, competing with the guy in the weight room. This is a big, strong guy, so it’s good for me."
Apparently grief runs its course after 10 years: The traditional reading of the names on the anniversary of 9/11 might see some changes after this year.
Keith Hernandez and Rodney Dangerfield! We jest about the Mets because
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