Resorts world casino

While the machine displayed a jackpot of almost $43 million, Resorts World Casino claims it was due to a malfunction.
Cops arrested the couple, who were gambling inside.
The suspect started shooting after seeing his ex-girlfriend kiss his former boss.
A police officer grabs a man by the neck inside Resorts
Police say that the suspect has a prior arrest for shooting himself in the right leg with a .22 caliber revolver in 2010.
Several people were arrested Friday after a brawl broke out at Resorts World Casino in Queens at the opening of a new New Orleans-style daiquiri bar.
The child was left in the unheated car on a freezing day for about an hour.
"We're trying to figure out animals, and we don't even understand other people."
"Making a living wage isn't luxurious, it's living! It's being able to take breaths and go to sleep at night and not worry as much."
Finally, the Resorts World Casino has been broken in by area criminals.
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