"I just said, ‘I’m not going to let you fall. We’re going to get you inside.’ No more than two hours ago we were practicing this exact drill."
The FDNY rescued two people "after their inflatable swan pool float became overcome by a fast moving current and was met with heavy marine traffic."
Daiki apparently broke free from her leash and dashed out onto the busy six lane FDR Drive.
It's the third time the governor has personally rescued a stranded driver in the past four years.
The woman fell 15 feet down, according to the Ninth Precinct.
Looking to adopt a brave little kitten? Here’s one with an inspiring origin story.
'When we arrived on scene, a man was screaming that his wife was underwater and never made it out when the other passengers escaped.'
Alfred Cutting was on his way to the doctor when he decided to take an unfortunate shortcut.
'This is why I'm late for work,' one passenger said while looking at the goose. 'They should give me that and let me cook it.'
'She says she has no intention to sue her boss...She says they treat her very good.'
A woman was rescued today after she got trapped in the elevator of an Upper East Side townhouse since Friday.
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