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Customers elsewhere in the country have reported that they were denied birth control or condoms at Walgreens stores because of employees’ religious beliefs.

The exhibition is an 'urgent all-to-action' and features work from Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, and more.

Nonprofit funds and shifting local policy are playing a key role in positioning New York as a sanctuary state for egalitarian abortion care.

One step Governor Cuomo has so far not used: the power the state constitution gives him to order the Senate to return in an extraordinary session.

'A lot of women are in impossible situations either because of sexual assault, because of domestic violence, because of an economy that is so discriminatory against women of color, against immigrant women.'

'The law is passed, it is sitting there by the Assembly, we need them to come back today and pass that law, and we need them to pass that law now, before the worst happens.'

"New York Law does not always permit me to do what is safest for my patients," says Dr. Stephen Chasen.

"Any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood would set reproductive rights back by decades."

"We are actually facing another legislative session with what will likely have an anti-choice New York State Senate."