Rep charles rangel

Bloomberg said, "He has fought for his country, fought for his city and fought for residents of his district."
Despite numerous letters arguing that Afrika Owes was just a good
Yesterday, the House Ethics panel voted, 9 to 1, that Rep. Charles
The Observer's political reporter Azi Paybarah writes, "If you're friend is called
The Daily News noticed an interesting mailing from Rep. Charles Rangel
It's not a good time to be a Democratic politician. With
What week it's been for Rep. Charles Rangel. He's gone from
This morning—after last week's admonishment for an ethics violation involving a
After an ethics panel found he broke the rules, reports are
Yesterday, the Reverend Al Sharpton convened a meeting of Democratic leaders
Long-time Harlem Democrat Rep. Charles Rangel said yesterday that he’ll seek
On NY1's "Road to City Hall" last night, former Mayor David
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