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According to a report, prospective luxury buyers are partly to blame.

The five remaining Greenpoint residents at 97 and 99 Clay Street, a cluster of four buildings, say their landlord has subjected them to these and other harassment tactics for more than a year.

The L train shutdown may no longer be happening, but another burdensome and increasingly unavoidable fact of city life is coming back to Williamsburg: rent hikes.

According to a StreetEasy report, 48 percent of Williamsburg apartments listed on the site are renting for an average of $250/month less than they were two years ago.

Median rents went up as much as $400/month off the Lorimer and Jefferson stops over the past year.

No wonder the eagles are nesting in Staten Island.

A 91-year-old WWII veteran says NYCHA is demanding he move out of the Queens home of more than 60 years into a smaller apartment, or face eviction.

You'd still be better off buying a small island if you have the cash.