Those who face immediate eviction are renters whose cases were decided before the pandemic.
“There's a sense of urgency and desperation that I’ve never seen before."
“What's happening is that millions of people can't pay rent, and we're trying to turn that into a moment of collective noncompliance."
The news comes on the same day of a City Council hearing on two new bills that would expand the so-called "Right to Counsel" law.
Stake offers individuals the opportunity to receive up to 5 percent of their rent in a personal savings account.
The proposed legislation is modeled after a federal bill introduced by U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
A crop of start-ups are seeking to do away with security deposits by offering to insure apartments for landlords and charging tenants a small monthly fee instead.
According to a report, prospective luxury buyers are partly to blame.
Since the new rent laws passed on June 15th, many renters said they were being asked to pay application fees upwards of hundreds of dollars.
An attorney for REBNY argued that the new law which limits application fees to no more than $20 contained "an area of debate."
After some misunderstanding by the brokerage community, Councilmember Powers last Friday amended the bill to state that the proposed law would not apply to renters' agents.
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