Rent stabilized apartment

Williams vows to keep fighting to stay in the apartment: "I’ve been living here since 1985. [Landlord Phil Cramer] knew I was there."
A Park Slope co-op board is suing a woman claiming she pretended her dead aunt was still alive for three years to continue to live in her rent stabilized apartment.
Last night's meeting was not as rowdy as year's past, but the final vote in June should be pretty loud.
Rangel is finally "paying" for his rent-stabilized office.
Faye Dunaway suddenly thinks of her rundown one-bedroom walk-up on the Upper East Side as home.
Faye Dunaway claims she moved out of her rent-stabilized Upper East Side apartment, but her landlord's lawyer has messages from her saying she would move her things soon.
Faye Dunaway—sexy 70s siren, gay camp icon, plastic surgery victim—is now on the receiving end of a lawsuit that claims she doesn't live in her rent-stabilized apartment on the Upper East Side.
After a House Ethics panel found him guilty of 11 ethics
After years of questions about his four (!) rent-stabilized apartments, not
As expected, the Rent Guidelines Board voted 5-4 in favor of
Photograph of Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent is Too Damn High
Bianca Jagger's attempt to get her $4,600/month rent-stabilized Upper East Side apartment
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