Rent stabilized

Tenants on rent strike in Bushwick have made an interesting discovery: their landlord might owe them thousands of dollars in back rent, and rent-stabilized leases.
A group of Brooklyn tenants have filed a formal complaint with the state against a landlord trying to install a facial recognition system, potentially setting off a legal and ethical debate about the increasing use of keyless entry systems.
The case substantiates one of the sharpest criticisms against Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms: that it incentivizes greedy landlords to harass and force out rent-stabilized tenants to make room for illegal hotel schemes.
A Brooklyn landlord wants to install facial recognition technology at a rent-stabilized complex, raising alarm among housing rights attorneys about a potentially far-reaching form of digital surveillance.
Both Andrew Cuomo and state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie have indicated that they may oppose more radical reforms.
Susan Schiffman's I Am A Rent Stabilized Tenant photo project captures the unconventional arrangements and interiors of her neighborhood's rent-regulated housing.
The anonymous owner of an East Village building associated with infamous landlord Raphael Toledano is trying to force out rent-striking tenants by seeking to terminate their leases in bankruptcy court.
The new reported owner is a notorious slumlord.
The city's stock of apartments within a minimum-wage budget has been rapidly shrinking.
Every hustle has to end sometime.
Her pigeon-feeding habits are allegedly causing problems for the OAK boutique in the building.
Under the terms of the plea deal, they were sentenced to five years of probation and 500 hours of community service.
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