Rent stabilization

In an unusual move, the nine-member voted to freeze rents on stabilized apartments for the first six months of one-year leases while allowing landlords to increase rent by 1.5% for the next six months.
'We have a possibility of winning stronger rent laws now, but the Democrats aren't going to do it themselves. We have to keep up the pressure.'
The stakes are incredibly high, but for anyone living in New York City, this Election Day is particularly important: it may well determine the fate of housing as we know it.
New York city and state tax authorities are looking looking to recoup millions of dollars from Donald Trump.
That the mayor was dealt a bad hand is indisputable. But how well has he played it?
'This is a company that has shown a brazen disregard for human life and an insatiable obsession with its bottom line.'
The vote was 5-4 in favor of the rent increases, disappointing tenants.
Big Apple Management, LLC have turned at least seven walk-up buildings into illegal hotels.
Tenants in neighborhoods with high concentrations of rent-stabilized buildings are in particular danger, especially in Brooklyn.
Here are some tips on how to resist a bad landlord, from an East Village activist who's spent two years fighting one.
A combination of lax state oversight and rent law loopholes mean landlords could have a field day.
One rent-stabilized tenant says her rent was increased from $762 a month to $1,883 a month even though no comparable renovation work was done.
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