Rent regulation

A group of Stuyvesant Town tenants backed by local politicians say state-level rent reforms should keep their apartments rent-regulated.
Despite a drop in eviction and housing complaints, the battle between landlords and tenants is far from over.
The passage of new rent laws casts the 2015 Stuy Town deal in a different light: The 5,000 affordable units that de Blasio spent $220 million to preserve would now remain rent-regulated regardless.
The board’s responsibility is to protect renters, said Sheila Garcia, an RGB member tasked with representing the interests of tenants: “Our mandate is not to make sure that profits continue to increase.”
'This is an amazing, huge win for tenants. But nonetheless, implementation is key.'
That the mayor was dealt a bad hand is indisputable. But how well has he played it?
What is going on here?
Tenant advocates are still "extremely disappointed."
A team of "civic hackers" shines light on a shady phenomenon.
Hooray, status quo.
"He is a mean spirited man who only cares for money."
"An unscrupulous landlord will do everything in their power legal or illegal to get that vacancy, so they can jack up the rent an additional 20 percent."
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