Rent reform

A group of Stuyvesant Town tenants backed by local politicians say state-level rent reforms should keep their apartments rent-regulated.
Dropped last year for insufficient support, the "good cause" eviction bill is showing promising signs of support in Albany.
Multiple New Yorkers told Gothamist that they've been misled or outright lied to by real estate brokers in the days since the Department of State issued its guidance.
'It should be relatively easy to pursue.'
New guidance will pass the cost of brokers fees onto landlords — but REBNY is already vowing to sue.
The report from Legal Aid data is consistent with others that have suggested that the new laws have had an immediate impact on housing stability.
Despite a drop in eviction and housing complaints, the battle between landlords and tenants is far from over.
"I don't think we anticipated that landlords would blatantly violate the law as quickly as they seem to have done," said Ellen Davidson, an attorney at the Legal Aid Society.
In what was an expected challenge to the new rent laws, two landlord groups have filed a lawsuit in federal court which argues that the regulations are unconstitutional because they infringe on their property rights.
The deal caps off a nearly four-year-long investigation by the state into Toledano, who was accused of driving out tenants with buyouts, intimidation tactics and construction harassment.
The state legislature's agreement does contain some interesting new provisions for all tenants, ranging on issues from security deposits to eviction proceedings.
'This is an amazing, huge win for tenants. But nonetheless, implementation is key.'
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