Rent freeze

For the first time in two years, the Rent Guidelines Board [RGB] voted Tuesday to raise the monthly payments for 1.6 million rent-stabilized tenants.
"The idea that we should feel bad for landlords who are reaping huge profits is just mind blowing to me."
Landlords claimed the city wrongly considered tenants' economic situations, and not theirs, when ordering the freeze.
"They couldn't afford to buy food because their rent was too high. These people are human beings, not commodities."
Some advocates would prefer a rent rollback.
A rule change made it harder to keep the freeze when a relative died.
"Cuomo betrayed us, the RGB can save us!"
Their rent went up because of a rule listed only in an online PDF.
"If it’s something the agency is at fault for, it’s not something the city should yank away."
This would be the first rent freeze on rent-stabilized apartments in NYC history.
Thirteen thousand seniors and disabled New Yorkers whose rent the state froze last year could see it go up again as early as next summer.
With four new appointees named to the Rent Guidelines Board this morning, Mayor de Blaz looks like he's pretty serious about this one.
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