Rent control

The conclusion contradicts the commonly-held assertion by both conservative and progressive economists that rent regulation makes housing problems worse in the long run.
The city's stock of apartments within a minimum-wage budget has been rapidly shrinking.
In 2019, the state’s rent laws will once again be up for renewal. And real estate lobbyists sound worried.
Inside the rent-controlled Greenwich Village apartment a former actress was paying just $28 a month for.
She claims her landlord wants to kick her out so they can lease her apartment "for double the monthly rent they now receive."
They called her the Eloise from Hell.
What is going on here?
New York City will lose around 90,000 affordable apartments over the next four years thanks to Cuomo's inaction.
"I'm exhausted, frustrated, and honestly heartbroken that we supported someone who never really cared."
Hooray, status quo.
"Enjoy your last two and a half years in Albany, if you're not indicted before then."
"I spend more than 50 percent of my income on rent, and I just got a raise."
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