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Tenants of rent-stabilized apartments say they’re waiting years for the Division of Housing and Community Renewal to issue decisions on overcharge complaints as the agency struggles with dwindling staff.

Attorney General Letitia James’ office says co-living companies like Bungalow are being “monitored” after several complaints from tenants.

Two-and-a-half years after saying it would crack down on a landlord loophole, the Division of Housing and Community Renewal is seeking to limit the ability landlords have to combine rent regulated apartments and raise rents.

Three years ago, New York was on the verge of limiting broker fees for prospective tenants. Why did a once-popular proposal to cap the fees vanish?

Despite a crackdown on how landlords can charge for regulated apartments, delays in state regulations allow building owners to “Frankenstein” apartments together to dramatically raise rents.

New Jersey moved down just one notch from last year. New York remains in 4th place.

A StreetEasy analysis shows landlords are regaining financial ground following a period when renters had the upper hand.

Rent stabilized tenants will see increases of 3.5% for one-year leases and 5% for two-year leases.

The Rent Guidelines Board hosted several hearings leading up to the June 21st vote, which could raise rents for more than 1 million rent-stabilized apartments. Before the final one on Wednesday, tenants rallied outside in protest, calling for a rent rollback instead.