The city had determined that 32 of the trees are diseased, but as the judge noted, it did not indicate "why the other 51 trees must be removed."
The project, which is slated to begin in 2022, comes after years of unrealized plans to remedy the notoriously uneven listening experience in the venue.
The venue has better amenities for audiences and performers alike.
The Union Square venue is getting upgrades and new amenities.
A case study in what gets thrown out during a gut renovation.
The FDNY rescued him with a 95-foot ladder.
So what does it take to turn a landmarked church building into a luxury condominium where apartments start at $2.2MM?
FINALLY, the Smith-9th Street stop in Carroll Gardens will reopen soon. Like, any day/month now!
City Hall needs a new roof, and it's gonna cost you! Officials recently announced that renovation costs for City Hall's rehabilitation project, which has been underway since mid-2010, have skyrocketed to nearly $150 million.
The Hotel Chelsea's history and soul is slowly vanishing as rooms get gutted.
We check out Sidewalk Cafe's snazzy new makeover.
Apple is coming out with Cube 2.0 this November! Their Fifth Avenue store is currently getting a cube makeover, with 75 panes of glass being stripped away.
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