Renee zellweger

According to the publisher, "The story will be set in present-day London, with Bridget at a later stage in her life."
Is Mayor Bloomberg a big Grey's Anatomy fan? Because he was a
Gothamist was a bit underwhelmed by this year's Golden Globe nominees, and
Last night, Gothamist kicked up our feet, found some friends on IM,
The BBC reports that Warburtons graciously asked 2,000 filmgoers what the cheesiest
The movie version of the sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary, Bridget Jones:
The Tony Awards are tonight, and if you're like Gothamist, you're going
Yes, Anne, Gothamist will call you crazy: It looks like Anne Heche
Oh, my God, this sounds just like "The Next Karate Kid" -
Since life lately has seemed to be all about keeping up with
If it involves movies or television, Gothamist is interested. And if it's
Gothamist has always felt "heavier" (which means "normal" outside of Hollywood) Renee
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