Some Indian-American New Yorkers are urging people to prioritize local volunteers and mutual aid funds working on the ground in the pandemic-stricken country.
More than 30 people are now on the second week of a hunger strike to pressure state leaders to create a fund for undocumented immigrants.
The $1,400 stimulus checks—the third and largest cash payment during the pandemic—are expected to begin arriving this weekend.
The $900 billion deal is expected to pass this week.
The MTA announced that they plan on boosting service on the L train next year, adding eight more round trips on weekdays and four more round trips on weekends.
Three months after Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast coast, the Senate finally passed a $50.5 billion emergency relief, which now awaits President Obama's signature.
The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a $9.7 billion Sandy bill to pay flood insurance claims today.
Of course, this request is made as the White House and Congress are in a battle over the fiscal cliff.
Madonna apparently volunteered too!
A new relief program is offering free air conditioners to those who need them most.
Photograph by Rachel Citron on Flickr As Japan continues to reel
Distressed Haitian immigrants will be able to get help at a
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