The NYPD says she is expected to survive the attack.
Everyone else using Twitter is probably fine though.
Park Slope is the kind of neighborhood where young men accumulate ginormous sticker collections and locals bicker passionately over their precious food co-op, so who could blame them?
A New Jersey woman has been accused of killing her boyfriend's four puppies by suffocating them in a food cooler.
Eve may have tempted Adam with an apple, but as far as we know, Adam didn't respond by trying to shove an apple down Eve's throat.
The cop daughter of State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. has been arrested for allegedly keying her boyfriend's car after he reportedly told her he wanted out of their relationship.
"There's nothing truly important going on," M tells John in the midst of another one of their seemingly cyclic quarrels. Nothing, and everything, and it is a lot of fun to watch.
Some "lovebirds" are claiming they'll end their relationships if the G train extension is cut. Would you?
CUNY has proposed banning professor-student relationships entirely with a stricter sexual-harassment policy. “They’re trying to ban love!” one male professor told the Post. has released a survey on single Americans and the results might lead some unfulfilled liberals to consider switching parties.
Are men more likely to cheat and lie to their girlfriends than the other way around? That's certainly what celebrity rabble rousing lawyer Gloria Allred believes.
What monetary amount is extreme emotional distress equal to? According to one man whose ex-girlfriend allegedly stole his best friend, $11 million should do the trick.
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