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The Attorney General's Office is investigating their relationships with several other rehab providers.

GIRLS Interrupted: a casting call for extras suggests someone on the show is checking in to rehab during season 3.

Detective Endowment Association President Michael Palladino commented on the incident: “I know some administrative issues exist. However, his conduct does not rise to the level of a crime, especially rape.”

As the Post so elegantly put it: Weiner "is getting therapy for his compulsion to electronically send strange women obscene messages and photos of his body."

Reports say that former Representative Anthony Weiner is heading to an "intense" rehab as his wife takes some time away from work (and the spotlight).

Some Queens residents think that Anthony Weiner has got to go.

The man with the Golden Voice, Ted Williams, got a second

Allegedly Charlie Sheen dropped $500,000 on hookers and drugs in the

Couldn't we just have our one feel good story of the