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Proponents argue that teaching history would help stem the tide of anti-Asian violence.

The report recommends less testing, but suggests maintaining "the key instructional shifts" of the Common Core Standards.

So, to 71 kids who now have to retake the ridiculously not hard Regents exams? Let us, once again, explain to you the VERY easy way to study for these guys.

City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott is reportedly "furious" after a Junior at the prestigious Stuyvesant High School was caught using a smartphone to cheat (and help others cheat) on the statewide Regents exams.

After next week the New York State Education Department will no longer offer Regents exams in foreign languages.

This morning Schools Chancellor Cathie Black, along with the Mayor's office, decided

Spencer T. Tucker Because tougher state exams meant fewer city students

With all the brouhaha over Cathie Black and the Department of

Here comes another heartbreak from the DOE. According to a new

A "top New York education official" tells today's Post that local education