With local help, they are learning to navigate the school system, subways, legal issues, and heartbreak
Ida devastated an Elizabeth, NJ apartment complex that served as a hub of refugee resettlement in the region.
About a dozen refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, are working from their new residences in New Jersey sewing masks to help protect against COVID-19.
A new installation features audio of refugees, speaking through the park's statue of Navy Admiral David Glasgow Farragut.
To understand the breadth of the global refugee crisis, Gothamist/WNYC reporter Matt Katz went to a country that doesn’t get much attention when it comes to this issue.
The federal lawsuit is the latest challenge to the Trump Administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from countries devastated by war or natural disaster.
It's an expansion of a dinner series that offered a platform for refugees from around the world to showcase the cuisines of their homelands and provide an opportunity for income.
28 people slept outside in the cold rain last night in hopes of raising support for refugees all around the world.
Tourists spotted the banner today.
Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway was only off by about 370 years.
Kellyanne Conway cited some alternative history last night and it was very embiggening.
The crowd of people demonstrating at JFK has grown to 300, as protesters continued to show up to denounce President Trump's travel ban.
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